Bean Game Warm Up

  • Fun warm up game to get the class moving.
  • Teacher calls out different kinds of beans and students react accordingly.
  • Children start running randomly inside a designated area(marked with cones)
  • Teacher calls “Runner Bean” children stop and run as fast as they can on the spot.
  • Teacher calls “String Bean” everybody has to stretch out making themselves as long and as tall as possible.
  • Teacher calls “French Bean” students have to say/do something French.
  • Teacher calls “Jumping Bean” Students jump on the spot.
  • Teacher calls “Baked Bean” students lie down and curl up.
  • Teacher calls “Jelly Bean” everybody wobbles.
  • Take 3-4 mins to play this game.

Minefield Game:

  • Game involving strong teamwork and communication.
  • Cover your playing area in obstacles of all kinds. Cones, hurdles, mats, skittles, hoops, whatever safe objects you can lay your hands on. The area is now the minefield.
  • Divide class into pairs/teams.
  • One student from each team starts at one end of the minefield. This player is blindfolded.
  • The other members of the team wait at the other end of the minefield. It is their job to navigate the blindfolded members of their team through the minefield by shouting directions at their team mate.
  • Functional movement exercises are performed by the entire team every time the blindfolded player bumps into any of the obstacles.
  • First team to guide their player across wins
  • All players get a turn to be the blindfolded player.