Tabata Warm up

Lunges and bear to crab

  • For lunges, keep the knee over the toes, body upright and back knee touches the ground.
  • For bear to crab, start in a bear crawl position and open up towards the ceiling until we come all the way around into a crab position, rotate to both sides right and left alternatively.
  • Then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds of rest alternating the exercises each round.
  • Use a tabata song for your music, it will guide the students


  • Children lie on their backs
  • They must make themselves long, stretching arms straight back over their heads and feet long and straight, no bend in the knees
  • Lift arms and legs at the same time, lifting shoulder blades slightly off the ground to create v/dish shape.
  • Repeat movement up and down keeping legs and arms straight.

 Hippos- Sliders

  • A great fun version of Hungry Hippos
  • Divide your groups into teams with four or five players on each team.
  • Each team has a designated starting point and a designated hula hoop placed beside each other in the middle of the floor.
  • Each hula hoop has as many balls as possible placed in the centre. 
  • Using the Bear Crawl, players take it turns to get to their hula hoop as quickly as possible and grab one ball. Then they must immediately lie flat on their stomachs while holding the ball stretched in front of their heads.
  • Two of their team mates must then run to the middle and pull the player with the ball by the legs, sliding them along the ground, until they are back at the starting point where the player can deposit the ball.
  • The next player then bear crawls to the middle and we complete the process again.
  • The game can be timed or can be completed when all the balls have been collected.
  • Teacher can add functional movements throughout the game, e.g. before a player takes their turn or after their turn, they have to complete a certain amount of exercises, Lunges, squats, dish to superhero etc.

N.B. SAFETY: Floor must be clean and slide friendly for this game to work. It must also be made clear to students that there is no lifting, only pulling back to base along the floor.

We recommend maybe showing a you tube clip of Hungry Hippos board game to give the children a visual of the game.