Warm Up

No hands Relay

  • Team relay game 
  • Set up a start line and finish line
  • Divide group into teams.
  • Give a mat to each team 
  • On go the first member of each team runs to the other side
  • They must get down onto their back on the mat and back to standing without using their hands
  • First team with all members to the mat and back wins
  • Introduce functional movement at start/finish of the game, for example complete 10 squats before starting, complete 10 lunges at finish line etc.

Bear Hug/Front squat

Squat: Key points

  • Big chest, superhero chest, gorilla chest, whatever comparison you can come up with(Swimmers chest, National anthem at Croke Park are a couple of others)
  • Feet in the Goldilocks position shoulder width apart(Not too wide, not too narrow, just right)
  • Maintain natural curve in the spine
  • Feet stuck to the floor, heels down all the time
  • Drop below parallel
  • Keep those knees over the toes, no knobbly knees!

Cops and Robbers

  • Scatter 4 or five hula hoops around the outer part of the playing area
  • Fill the hoops with bean bags(or cones/balls anything will do really)
  • Place a mat(s) or mark a designated area in the middle of the playing area, this will be the robbers den where most of the students will be located.
  • Pick four to five students as cops.
  • Once the game starts the robbers must try to sneak out of their den and steal beanbags from the hoops, the cops try to stop them by tagging them.
  • Robbers must freeze when tagged and can only be freed by other robbers tagging them and taking them back to the den.
  • Robbers can only be caught when in play, they are safe at the main mat or when they are standing in one of the hula hoops(one robber only per hoop at a time
  • Time can be played to a target, or time limit..