Walkouts and Mountain Climbers


  • Walkouts
  • V ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Organisation
  1. Space: Use gaps between desks and rows as individual exercise spaces. Push chairs in. If needed move desks to the side to create a working space. (Larger classes). Make sure students have a “body length” of distance to complete each exercise. Alternate groups performing the exercise over short periods of time, 10-15 seconds. The same exercise space will then be used by different groups. For example when Group 1 is doing their exercise, Group 2 step back/sit down and vice-versa.
  2.  Groups: Organise class into groups. “4 walls”. If you have a smaller class you can organise into two Groups, 1&2 as per video, for larger class sizes use both sides and both ends of classroom. (In this scenario it is better to push desks back to create an open space thus allowing groups opposite each other to complete exercises at the same time.)

See teacher tips video on Space management to see how to make the most of your classroom space.


  • Walkouts: From a straight standing position, students walk their hands down their legs and feet then continue walking their hands across the floor as they extend their body. Return to standing position by reversing the process.
  • V-ups- Students lie on their backs, legs straight, arms fully extended overhead. We raise arms and legs to meet as close to each other as we can, while keeping knees straight, lower back glued to the ground and lifting shoulder blades slightly off the ground, we then return to the starting position and repeat. (This is essentially the dish position but we are moving from start to finish positions continuously and not holding at the top).
  • Mountain Climbers: Hands on the ground, move legs in and out alternatively getting knees as close to the arms as possible.

Complete 3 rounds of each exercise, alternating groups and exercise as follows:

  • Group 1 Walkouts 15 seconds then rest
  • Group 2 Walkouts 15 seconds then rest
  • Group 1 V-ups 15 seconds then rest
  • Group 2 V-ups 15 seconds then rest
  • Group 1 15 seconds mountain climbers then rest
  • Group 2 15 seconds mountain climbers then rest

This makes up 1 round. You can make the times longer, do more rounds or mix up the order of exercises and add or take away exercises.