Warm up

Random Movement around hall 30-45 seconds of following movements: Running, Bear Crawl, Skipping 


  • This time students lie on their tummies, again they make themselves long with arms straight and over the head and legs straight and as long as possible, again no bend in the knee.
  • To create the superhero position, students now lift arms and legs off the ground while pushing their tummy into the ground.

Game: Gauntlet

  • Set two lines of players opposite each other in a long line down your hall/playing area.
  • Players can be sitting or kneeling.
  • Give the players as many balls as you have available
  • Players then take it in turns to run down the middle of the two lines while players roll/throw the balls at them in an attempt hit them(No crazy/dangerous throws)
  • Vary the movements, running, hopping ,bear crawl etc.