Warm Up

Hoop Relay 

  • Divide class into teams and give one hoop to each team.
  • Students form a long line facing each other and hold hands
  • Hoop starts at one end of the line
  • Students must step through the hoop passing it along to the next player all the way down the line without breaking the link.
  • First team to make it all the way to the end, or up and back wins

Sumo Lifts

  • Important exercise to activate hips.
  • Students using softballs mimic the kettlebell swing movement and learn at the top of this movement to create full hip extension.
  • Students using two hands on the ball drop their hands between their legs (slight bend in the legs), keeping arms straight all the way, then stand straight at the top of this movement as per video.

Colour Tag

  • In this game we divide the class into three teams.
  • We will need three different sets of bibs with different colours, in our case we have a set of white, orange and green.
  • In this game everyone is on, however, orange can only tag green, green can only tag white and white can only tag orange.