Tabata Warm up

  • The two movements for this warm up are lateral jumps and inch worms
  • For Lateral jumps students keep their feet together and jump from side to side
  • For Inchworms students walk out on their hands as far as the can and back again while trying to keep legs as straight as possible
  • Complete 8 rounds of exercises consisting of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest for each round
  • Alternate exercises for each round.

Sumo Lifts

  • Important exercise to activate hips.
  • Students using softballs mimic the kettlebell swing movement and learn at the top of this movement to create full hip extension.
  • Students using two hands on the ball drop their hands between their legs (slight bend in the legs), keeping arms straight all the way, then stand straight at the top of this movement as per video.

Game: Bin Ball

  • Divide the class into two teams
  • Place a chair at each end of the playing area
  • Place one bin/box/ full of balls  on the halfway line on each side of the hall (one for each team)
    • (Nb, despite the name bean bags are best for this game)
  • Each team has one player standing on a chair with a bucket/bin at each end of the floor (The Catcher)
  • Mark out a scoring line 2 or 3 metres from from the Catcher, when the game starts players can only shoot from behind this line
  • Allocate one of the boxes/bins at the halfway line to each team
  • On go each team runs to their box to grab a ball/beanbag
  • They then run to their catcher and try to throw the ball/beanbag into the bucket, getting a point for each score.
  • Players may only take one ball/beanbag from the box/bucket per turn.
  • Catchers must stay on the chair but can move the bucket anyway they like to catch the ball/beanbag