Warm up

Random Movement around hall 30-45 seconds of following movements

Running, Bear Crawl, Skipping and Crab Walks.

Sumo Lifts

Important exercise to activate hips.

Students using softballs mimic the kettlebell swing movement and learn at the top of this movement to create full hip extension.

Students using two hands on the ball drop their hands between their legs (slight bend in the legs), keeping arms straight all the way, then stand straight at the top of this movement as per video.

Sticky Witches

  • Nominate one tagger (The Witch)
  • On go everyone runs and tagger tries to catch everyone as quickly as possible
  • When tagged players have to stand with feet anchored to the ground.
  • Tagged players are now Sticky witches, they can reach out and tag players who come past them
  • Last player left standing is the winn