The Dish and the Superhero

Warm up: Controlled Chaos

  • Divide class into two groups at opposite ends over your hall. (Four groups if space is an issue, an extra group on each side)
  • Allocate numbers, Group 1, Group 2 etc.
  • Stress that each group can only move on specific instruction of “Go”
  • Start with running up and back a couple of times.
  • Then Hopping up on one foot and back on the other.
  • Then Bear Crawl
  • Then Broad/Superhero jumps.
  • Add Crab Walk for next round
  • Finish with running again.

Dish to Superhero


  • Children lie on their backs
  • They must make themselves long, stretching arms straight back over their heads and feet long and straight, no bend in the knees
  • Lift arms and legs at the same time, lifting shoulder blades slightly off the ground to create v/dish shape.
  • Repeat movement up and down keeping legs and arms straight.


  • This time students lie on their tummies, again they make themselves long with arms straight and over the head and legs straight and as long as possible, again no bend in the knee.
  • To create the superhero position, students now lift arms and legs off the ground while pushing their tummy into the ground.

Practice: We now practice moving from one position to the other, rolling on our hips each time, from dish to superhero and superhero to dish, rolling first to the right then to the left.

Get everyone to complete this movement about 10 times.

Classic Games: Stuck in the Mud

  1. Create your designated playing area
  2. Nominate two taggers
  3. Start the game. When tagged players must stand still with their legs wide open. (If outdoors with one arm extended out wide)
  4. Players can be freed when by other players by sliding/crawling through their legs. (If outdoors by pulling/pushing down extended arm, flush the toilet)
  5. Chasers cannot guard anyone who is Stuck in the Mud or tag anyone who is freeing someone who is Stuck in the Mud.
  6. Switch chasers every 90 secs/2 mins.