Food Game: Macro Food Relay

Objective of game is to help students learn how to identify the three major food groups. Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein.


  1. Any kind of box/bowl or bin, something for the students to place their answers in. (Set of three for each team)
  2. Pictures of different kinds of food, children can draw these as part of the game before the start.
  3. Paper and something to write with.
  4. Cones are always useful to mark start/finish. (They also make great bowls for this game)

How to play:

  • Create an open space in the classroom by moving desks and chairs over to the sides
  • Divide the class into teams
  • Place bowls at one end of the class. Three bowls for each team and designate each bowl as fat, carb or protein.
  • Teams line up at the opposite end of the classroom
  • When game starts, teacher shows a food picture, each team then confers and writes F if they think the food shown is a Fat, C if they think it’s a Carb or P if they think it’s a protein.
  • When they have written their answer players take it in turns to run to the opposite end of the class and place the piece of paper in the appropriate bowl.
  • After all pictures have been shown the winners are the team with the most correct answers.