Lunge Hoop Game

 Warm up: Animal Movement

  • For this warm up we allow the children to move freely around the playing area while they perform particular movements in response to various vocal prompts
  • Teacher calls, “Bear Crawl” children move randomly around the hall on all fours with knees and shins slightly elevated off the ground, trying to keep a flat back.
  • Teacher calls “Crab Walk” opposite of Bear Crawl, children are now facing upwards crawling on feet and hands
  • Teacher calls “Frog Jumps” children jump off two feet and land on two feet.
  • Teacher calls “Inch Worm” children start in upright position and walk out on their hands then slowly “inch” their feet behind them.
  • Teacher calls “Bear to Crab” students rotate from static bear crawl position to static crab position.
  • Teacher calls “ Lizards” students crawl close to the ground pulling knees up close to their chest and the ground as they move.
  • Allow 20-30 seconds max for each movement and complete 2-3 rounds.

Lunges Demo: Key points

  • Step forward into lunge position 
  • Back knee kisses the ground
  • Keep front knee over the toes
  • Keep back nice and straight.

Hoop Relay 2

  • Team relay game using Hula Hoops.
  • Set up a start line and finish line
  • Divide group into teams.
  • Give a hoop to each member of the team plus one extra hoop for the team.
  • On go the first member of each team throws their hoop on the ground and steps into it.
  • The rest of the team pass their hoops forward and step in as the pathway of hoops  moves the team to the finish line.
  • First team to cross the line wins.
  • Introduce functional movement at start/finish of the game, for example complete 10 squats before starting, complete 10 lunges at finish line etc.