Duration 2 min 18 sec

Warm up: Cone laps

  • Set up a lap of cones in designated areas.
  • Students complete laps as follows:
  • Running 1min then break
  • Hopping on one leg 30 seconds each leg then rest
  • Broad/Superhero jumps 30 seconds then rest
  • For larger classes split into two groups one group completes laps while the other rests.

Exercise: The Air Squat

  • Foot Position- “Goldilocks” not to narrow, not too wide, just right (Feet should be shoulder width apart)
  • Big chest gorilla/super hero chest
  • Natural Curve in Spine
  • Drop below parallel
  • Keep knees over toes
  • Keep heels on the ground
  • Keep knees over the toes
  • No saggy backs
  • No knobbly knees
  • Complete 3 rounds of 10.

Game: Hop/Paper/Scissors

  • Lay a row of hoops along the ground.(hula hoops are best)
  • Organise class into groups(use groups from warm up)
  • Put one team at each end of the hoops
  • First player from each hoop hops through the hoops towards the opposite team.
  • When players meet in the middle, they stop and play Rock/Paper/Scissors.
  • The winner continues hopping
  • The loser must step off the course, complete 5 dish to superhero movements then return to the back of their line and wait for their next go.
  • The next player in the line immediately hops onto the course and hops until the meet the player who has just won,where again they play hop paper scissors.
  • Points are scored when a player gets all the way across to the other team.
  • Start with two large groups until everyone gets the hang of the game.
  • To increase participation set up several courses with multiple teams.
  • Teams can be moved around every couple of minutes to compete against everyone in the class.
  • Team with the most accumulated points at the end of the class are the overall winners