Hoop Relay

Bean Game Warm Up

  • Fun warm up game to get the class moving.
  • Teacher calls out different kinds of beans and students react accordingly.
  • Children start running randomly inside a designated area(marked with cones)
  • Teacher calls “Runner Bean” children stop and run as fast as they can on the spot.
  • Teacher calls “String Bean” everybody has to stretch out making themselves as long and as tall as possible.
  • Teacher calls “French Bean” students have to say/do something French.
  • Teacher calls “Jumping Bean” Students jump on the spot.
  • Teacher calls “Baked Bean” students lie down and curl up.
  • Teacher calls “Jelly Bean” everybody wobbles.
  • It takes 3-4 mins to play this game.

Hoop Relay 2

  • Team relay game using Hula Hoops.
  • Set up a start line and finish line
  • Divide the group into teams.
  • Give a hoop to each member of the team plus one extra hoop for the team.
  • On go the first member of each team throws their hoop on the ground and steps into it.
  • The rest of the team pass their hoops forward and step in as the pathway of hoops  moves the team to the finish line.
  • First team to cross the line wins.
  • Introduce functional movement at start/finish of the game, for example complete 10 squats before starting, complete 10 lunges at finish line etc.