Duration 2 min 18 sec

Warm up: Cone Laps

  • Set up a lap of cones in designated areas.
  • Students complete laps as follows:
  • Running 1min then break
  • Hopping on one leg 30 seconds each leg then rest
  • Broad/Superhero jumps 30 seconds then rest
  • For larger classes split into two groups one group completes laps while the other rests.

Exercise: The Air Squat

  • Foot Position: “Goldilocks” not too narrow, not too wide, just right (Feet should be shoulder width apart)
  • Big chest gorilla/super hero chest
  • Natural Curve in Spine
  • Drop below parallel
  • Keep knees over toes
  • Keep heels on the ground
  • Keep knees over the toes
  • No saggy backs
  • No knobbly knees

Complete 3 rounds of 10.

Even and up shooting: Basketball Shooting Game

  1. This is a great game for the whole class.
  2. Divide class into 5 teams
  3. Place one team at each elbow at each end of the Basketball Court and place one team in the centre circle
  4. The two teams at each basket play a shooting game against each other. (The shooting games going on at the same time one at each end of the court). The first player in each line shoots, retrieves the ball, passes it to the next person in line then goes to the back of the line to wait for their next turn.
  5. If a player scores they earn a point for their team. The first team to get to 3 points wins the game.
  6. The winning team stays in position and waits for the next game.
  7. The losing team must move to the centre circle and swap with the team that is waiting there. They must now wait for someone to win a game so they may fill the empty spot.
  8. The first to score three points wins the game, the first team to win seven games wins overall.