Energy Burner

  1. In this movement break, we practice jumping exercises. Scissors Jumps and Squat Jumps.
  2. Allocate an area for each  exercise, gym mats are great for this workout.
  3. Make a line of cones arching around the top of the workout area.
  4. Allocate a time for each exercise, short and sweet as these exercises can very tiring, 10-15 seconds is plenty.
  5. With one student on each mat and one waiting for their turn (in the waiting room)  we start the workout.
  6. When the time is up students rotate. The student doing the jumping squats rotates all the way back to the start doing the bar crawl around the cones.
  7. The student doing scissors jumps rotates to squat jumps and the student waiting, steps in to do scissors jumps. Having completed the bear crawl, the last student now waits for the next round to be completed.
  8. This workout can be used for small groups or we can set up multiple workout areas to accommodate larger groups.
  9. Don’t forget the music!