Circle Run:

  • Get players into pairs and give each player a number, 1 or 2.
  • Get players to stand one in front of the other and form a large circle with all of the other pairs.
  • Place a hoop in the middle of the circle for each pairing.
  • Teacher calls out 1 or 2!
  • When a player’s number is called(number 1 for example) all the number 1s run clockwise around the circle until they return to their starting point.
  • They then run to the middle and climb through a hoop as quickly as they can. The first player to do this wins.
  • Continue to call out 1 or 2 randomly for new rounds
  • Vary the movement, run, hop crawl skip etc.

Sumo Lifts

  • Important exercise to activate hips.
  • Students using softballs mimic the kettlebell swing movement and learn at the top of this movement to create full hip extension.
  • Students using two hands on the ball drop their hands between their legs (slight bend in the legs), keeping arms straight all the way, then stand straight at the top of this movement as per video.

Game: Hunter Hawks

Practice first

  • Give all players a hoop. Players spread out and stand in their hoop.
  • Players signal one another to swap places and start moving from hoop to hoop, constantly communicating with the other players.


  • Now nominate two chasers(Hunter Hawks) and remove their hoops from the game.
  • On-go players continue to swap places with other players but now can be caught when not standing in a hoop.
  • When players are caught they then become Hunter Hawks and the players who were on take their positions in the game with everyone else.
  • Alternatives:
    • Keep the same players on and add a functional movement penalty for players to return to the game
    • Players tagged join the Hunter hawks until we get to the last person left in the game.