Cannon 4 Corners

Warm up: Cone Laps.

  • Create a circle (oval) using cones as best as your playing area allows.
  • Divide class into two groups.
  • Groups complete warm alternatively, one work one rest
  • Running 1 min
  • Hopping 1 min(30sec each leg)
  • Bear Crawl 30 seconds
  • Frog Jumps 45 seconds
  • Music helps create a great atmosphere during this warm up and also helps motivate students to keep going.


Cannonball Throws:

Important exercise to activate hips.

Students using softballs mimic the kettlebell swing movement and learn to release the ball at the top of this movement to create full hip extension.

Students partner up and face opposite each other.

Students using two hands on the ball drop their hands between their legs (slight bend in the legs), keeping arms straight all the way, then release the ball at the top of this movement as per video.

Variation: reverse throws(overhead) and backward twists(see video)


Four Corners Passing:

  • Passing and movement game. This game helps children with contrary movement, pass one direction, move in another direction.
  • Using a gym mat or cones to create a square/rectangular space(s), place one student in each corner.
  • Create as many spaces as you need with four people in each group.
  • Each group should have a ball.
  • Start by getting students to pass from one person to the next in order around the space, don’t skip pass or throw diagonal passes.
  • After about a minute get students to take a step back to increase the distance of the pass.
  • After about another minute get the students to pass then run in the opposite direction to which the passed in attempt to get back to where they started before the ball gets back there.
  • Have patience with this one, it can take a few minutes for them to get the hang of it but is quite the spectacle when it gets going.
  • Variation: use different kinds and sizes of balls.
  • Add functional movement, complete 5 squats every time someone drops the ball, complete 6 lunges every 90 secs etc.