Warm Up

Circle Run:

  • Get players into pairs and give each player a number, 1 or 2.
  • Get players to stand one in front of the other and form a large circle with all of the other pairs.
  • Place a hoop in the middle of the circle for each pairing.
  • Teacher calls out 1 or 2!
  • When a player’s number is called(number 1 for example) all the number 1s run clockwise around the circle until they return to their starting point.
  • They then run to the middle and climb through a hoop as quickly as they can. The first player to do this wins.
  • Continue to call out 1 or 2 randomly for new rounds
  • Vary the movement, run, hop crawl skip etc.

Bear Hug/Front squat

Squat: Key points

  • Big chest, superhero chest, gorilla chest, whatever comparison you can come up with(Swimmers chest, National anthem at Croke Park are a couple of others)
  • Feet in the Goldilocks position shoulder width apart(Not too wide, not too narrow, just right)
  • Maintain natural curve in the spine
  • Feet stuck to the floor, heels down all the time
  • Drop below parallel
  • Keep those knees over the toes, no knobbly knees!

Sausage Roll

  • Place mats around the room
  • Two players per mat
  • Two more players, one on one being chased
  • Once the game starts the chaser must chase other player around the playing area, if they tag the tagged player is then on.
  • While being chased players can lay down on a mat where two players are already lying, one of the players(the player on the outside)must now get up and run as we can only have two players on a mat at any time.
  • Encourage players to go to different Mats and not the same ones all the time.