Warm Up

Hoop Relay 

  • Team relay game using Hula Hoops.
  • Set up a start line and finish line
  • Divide group into teams.
  • Give a hoop to each member of the team plus one extra hoop for the team.
  • On go the first member of each team throws their hoop on the ground and steps into it.
  • The rest of the team pass their hoops forward and step in as the pathway of hoops  moves the team to the finish line.
  • First team to cross the line wins.
  • Introduce functional movement at start/finish of the game, for example complete 10 squats before starting, complete 10 lunges at finish line etc.

Bear Hug/Front squat

Squat: Key points

  • Big chest, superhero chest, gorilla chest, whatever comparison you can come up with(Swimmers chest, National anthem at Croke Park are a couple of others)
  • Feet in the Goldilocks position shoulder width apart(Not too wide, not too narrow, just right)
  • Maintain natural curve in the spine
  • Feet stuck to the floor, heels down all the time
  • Drop below parallel
  • Keep those knees over the toes, no knobbly knees!


Mystery Tag

  • Nominate one or two chasers and set up a game of tag inside a designated area.
  • Pick a “Mystery” word or phrase.
  • When players are tagged, they must sit down and cover their eyes.
  • Players still in the game then attempt to whisper the Mystery word into the tagged player’s ears while they are seated with their eyes covered.
  • If the can guess the name of the person who told them the mystery word they can return to the game
  • In later rounds add functional movement as an extra task before returning to the game.